Selasa, 1 Oktober 2013


Let's discuss these questions:

 Answer ALL questions.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate answers.

1.  An advertising support in the form of monetary, which is provided by suppliers to the tour operator, is called Co-op Money.

2.  A fixed cost is a cost that never changes, regardless of the number of people on the tour.

3.  A publicity is promotional information that is disseminated at no cost to the tour company.

4.  A tour in which the destination and itinerary are kept secret to the client until he/she joins the tour Mystery Tour.

5. A compendium of facts about a company’s rules, regulations, and official procedures Tour Manual.

6.  Driving an empty bus back to its origin Deadheading.

7.  A concise, well-organized summary of what a person has to offer a potential employer Resume

8.  Preprinted brochures with photos, illustrations, and graphics but no text Shells.

9.  An itinerary in which part of the group does one thing while the other part does something else is called Split Itinerary.

10.  An estimation of passengers for a tour and budget a tour on a per-person basis is known as The Reasonable Number.

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