I am HIDDY ASRI. 29 years old. Married to a handsome hubby named ASRI. See, my surname there. No kids at the moment. But..it's like I have 12 at the moment. I stay with a single parent; MOM whom I admire the most. Born as the yougest among 5 family members.

A worker cum a student. Deal with time, money and problems. Furthering studies in Diploma in TOURISM Management. Thinking of taking Certificate in TOUR GUIDER (I am greedy when it comes about knowledge; but not greedy to share with those who have interest in knowledge). Wanted to be a successful lecturer and professional tour guider one day. Never notice I like these courses.

Love poco-poco. Dancing. READING is the main hobbies/interest. Others- book stores, libraries but not a nerdy. I don't wear spectacles to be a nerd ;) Love shopping mall, but cannot afford to buy things in mall including the mall itself. MAHER ZAIN is the most phenomenic thing in my life. So do Alvin and The Chipmunks.

Hate football. But, Allah knows that. Because I am married to a FOOTBALLER. Not believe to friendships since I had bad experience with relationship called BEST FRIEND. I think I have nothing much to hate. Or I hate something for a short time period.

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