Selasa, 31 Disember 2013

Doa and 2014 Resolutions


Amin. My 2014 resolutions are:
  1. Be a better muslimah
  2. Be a mother
  3. Graduate with flying colours
  4. Buy a house
  5. Buy a car
Thank you slideshare for the beautiful doa.

Khamis, 12 Disember 2013

Need Some Motivation?

Beautiful People Are Not Always Good But Good People Are Always Beautiful 

(Sayyidina Ali R.A.)

Rabu, 11 Disember 2013


Just sharing a few short notes that I made based on references. Correct me if you found anything wrong.

Negligence in Inns

Law of Negligence

·         Elements to prove negligence:

Duty of care – by defendant

·         Only owes duty for people who would foreseeably be injured by one’s action

·         If cannot foresee injury, it does not owe any duty even someone is injured

Duty of Care Towards a Child Guest

·         Grater when young children involved.

·         Waugh v. Duke Corp – Emily walked into glass panel and suffered injuries. The court held that the defendant failed to construct guards around.

·         It is the practice of Malaysian innkeepers to exhibit exclusion clauses such as, There is no life guard service etc.

·         Such clauses if valid would exempt the innkeepers not only from strict liability but also total liability even though the employees may be negligent, causing injury of child visitors

·         Exemption clauses – adopt normal rules of construction of contracts in declaring validity.

·         Exemption clauses is not effective if not brought to the notice of the contacting parties before or at the time the contract is made and the contracting parties would be deemed to have known it if the exemption clauses were printed in the tickets or in the contract as illustrated in Malaysian Airline System Bhd v Malini Nathan & Anor.

·         No matter how wide a clause is, it cannot exclude liability if there is negligence

·         Section 53, Consumer Protection Act 1999 -  implied guarantee of reasonable care and skill in the supply of services
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