Selasa, 31 Disember 2013

Doa and 2014 Resolutions


Amin. My 2014 resolutions are:
  1. Be a better muslimah
  2. Be a mother
  3. Graduate with flying colours
  4. Buy a house
  5. Buy a car
Thank you slideshare for the beautiful doa.

Khamis, 12 Disember 2013

Need Some Motivation?

Beautiful People Are Not Always Good But Good People Are Always Beautiful 

(Sayyidina Ali R.A.)

Rabu, 11 Disember 2013


Just sharing a few short notes that I made based on references. Correct me if you found anything wrong.

Negligence in Inns

Law of Negligence

·         Elements to prove negligence:

Duty of care – by defendant

·         Only owes duty for people who would foreseeably be injured by one’s action

·         If cannot foresee injury, it does not owe any duty even someone is injured

Duty of Care Towards a Child Guest

·         Grater when young children involved.

·         Waugh v. Duke Corp – Emily walked into glass panel and suffered injuries. The court held that the defendant failed to construct guards around.

·         It is the practice of Malaysian innkeepers to exhibit exclusion clauses such as, There is no life guard service etc.

·         Such clauses if valid would exempt the innkeepers not only from strict liability but also total liability even though the employees may be negligent, causing injury of child visitors

·         Exemption clauses – adopt normal rules of construction of contracts in declaring validity.

·         Exemption clauses is not effective if not brought to the notice of the contacting parties before or at the time the contract is made and the contracting parties would be deemed to have known it if the exemption clauses were printed in the tickets or in the contract as illustrated in Malaysian Airline System Bhd v Malini Nathan & Anor.

·         No matter how wide a clause is, it cannot exclude liability if there is negligence

·         Section 53, Consumer Protection Act 1999 -  implied guarantee of reasonable care and skill in the supply of services

Khamis, 28 November 2013

Half Month Advance Salary and Submission of Payroll Documents for December 2013 Notice



28th November 2013

To: All Employees


We wish to inform that the salary payment for the month of December 2013 is scheduled to be paid on 22nd December 2013.

We are also pleased to inform that the Company has consented to an advance bonus of half month salary to employees who wish to apply by completing the Half Month Advance Salary Y2013 Form. The half-month advance salary forms and all payroll documents (i.e. overtime claim, staff employment/resignations, etc.) for December 2013 to be submitted to Human Resource Division latest by 6:00 pm on 11th December 2013. 

The terms and condition of the half-month advance salary shall be as follows:

  • the advance is treated as a portion of your performance bonus year 2013.
  • for those who are eligible for bonus Y2013, the full amount will be set-off from your bonus.
  • for those who are not eligible for bonus Y2013, the advance will be covered through three (3) equal monthly salary deductions with effect from March 2014.
  • approval for the advance payment for individual employees is at the discretion of the Company.
  • staff from outstation may send the duly completed form via e-mail to or or fax no. (03) 2222 2222.

Thank you.

Head of Human Resource

(attach also Half Month Advance Salary Form)

Isnin, 25 November 2013


Let's disscuss these questions:



1. Eye contact and facial expressions are two other nonverbal communication techniques that vary among cultures.


2. Poor supervision can cost companies dearly in the following ways such as discrimination lawsuits, high turnover rate and litigation time and money.


3. A successful manager will blend principles of scientific management, human relations, and participative management according to the needs of the situation and the employees into a style referred to as humanistic management.


4. De hire an employee is the most recommended method in termination.


5. You can fire employees for just cause, meaning that the offense must affect the specific work the employee does or the operation as a whole in a detrimental way.


6. Scientific Management was introduced by Elton Mayo around 1900


7. EEOC is a central authority that leads and coordinates effort to enforce all laws relating to equal employment opportunity.


8. Appraisal interview is also called evaluation interview.


9. Fear-and-punishment is de-motivators in positive discipline.


10. Employee with HIV or AIDS is protected under American with Disabilities Act.


11. Organizing is putting together the money, personnel, equipment, materials, and methods for maximum efficiency to meet an enterprise's goals.


12. Expert power is derived from the individual's position in an organization.


13. Different words mean different things to people from different background.


14. The traditional stages of disciplinary action in a progressive system are oral warning, written warning, layoff with pay, termination.


15. Negative discipline is usually used by Theory Y style management.


Rabu, 20 November 2013

Cameron Highland

Dh lama plan sbnrnya nak tdo Cameron. Konon nak mencari ketenangan. Ceh. Mak tercinta pn dh lama requested tdo cni, selalu pgi blk ari je. X puas. So, gila x gila, aku ajak family aku bercuti kt sana Raya ke-2. Sumer kata, "Ko biar btol dik". Yea. Btol. Mmg ktorg bertolakpn ke Cameron 9 Ogos ari tu.

Oh, yea. Nk ke Cameron Highland ada 2 jalan yg boleh diguna. Jalan yg suwey or jalan baru. Ok..ok..jgn konpius. Ikut Tapah or Simpang Pulai. Disebabkan kami selalu ikut Tapah aka jalan simpang suey tuh, aku cadangkan husband utk ikut Simpang Pulai sbb jlnnya baru.

Punya la jam. Mengalahkan KL. Kesian husband aku. Bwk keta manual plak tu. Nk ke Brinchang tu dhlh naik bukit sumer. Aku rasa klu aku jalan kaki, mmg smpi dulula. Nmpk plak Bangla2 dok bwk strawberi smbl jalan kaki plus tsengih2, rs cam terbakor jek ati ni..

Selasa, 19 November 2013

SILKYGIRL 20hr Perfect Stay Eyeliner

Product : SILKYGIRL 20hr Perfect Stay Eyeliner with Gentle Eye & Lip Makeup Remover
Code : LD 01 Very Black  Shiny - Nylon Hair Brush
Price : RM13.88 (Promosi!! Kt Guardian)
Weight : 3.5g

Selasa, 1 Oktober 2013


Let's discuss these questions:

 Answer ALL questions.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate answers.

1.  An advertising support in the form of monetary, which is provided by suppliers to the tour operator, is called Co-op Money.

2.  A fixed cost is a cost that never changes, regardless of the number of people on the tour.

3.  A publicity is promotional information that is disseminated at no cost to the tour company.

4.  A tour in which the destination and itinerary are kept secret to the client until he/she joins the tour Mystery Tour.

5. A compendium of facts about a company’s rules, regulations, and official procedures Tour Manual.

6.  Driving an empty bus back to its origin Deadheading.

7.  A concise, well-organized summary of what a person has to offer a potential employer Resume

8.  Preprinted brochures with photos, illustrations, and graphics but no text Shells.

9.  An itinerary in which part of the group does one thing while the other part does something else is called Split Itinerary.

10.  An estimation of passengers for a tour and budget a tour on a per-person basis is known as The Reasonable Number.

Jumaat, 12 Julai 2013

Murukku - Super Crunchy & Sedap!!

Dapatkan murukku sedap & crunchy!
Hanya RM15 utk pek 1/2kg.
Belian terus di BTR, KL! Untuk tempahan, sms/whatsapp @ 018-6622253

Rabu, 3 Julai 2013

Official Working Hours During The Month Of Ramadan



8th July 2013



We are pleased to inform that the official working hours during Ramadan 2013 will temporarily be changed to 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

To compensate the lost hour, the daily lunch break during Ramadan month will be shortened by half (1/2) hour (i.e. from 1:00 pm to 1:30pm) with effect from 10th July 2013 (or 11th July 2013 if 1st Ramadan falls on that day).

Please note that the above shall only be applicable to all office staff that are currently working from 9:00 to 6:00pm. (5-days week) and does not apply to staff working on shifts and staff based at site will follow their existing working hours.

Please also be reminded that habitual late coming and/or early leaving are categorized as misconduct and discplinary action may be taken against those fail to adhere it. As such, please ensure compliance to your respective working hours.

Salam Ramadan.

Head of Human Resource

Jumaat, 28 Jun 2013

Sprint Cleaning Email

Dear All,

Referring to the HRD management meeting held yesterday, our VP expressed his concern on the condition of workstation/rooms/storage which are cluttered with many boxes, files, and many others.  This has resulted in messy look of our office, crowded workstation and storage area with less space to work and may also lead to unsafe work area.

Therefore he required us to :-

1.       Organize our filing system according to 5S standard
2.       Discard all unwanted things
3.       Keep active files neatly
4.       Send non-active, old files for storage with Crown if necessary.  (Ensure proper labelling and recording for ease of retrieval in the future)

Deadline to organize your workstation or storage area is by 3 August.  If things do not work, we will need to schedule one 5S Day before Ramadan. Hence, I am sure I will get everyone’s cooperation to organize your area(s) at your own time by 3 August.  One inspection will be conducted at random offices/areas after this date for us to decide if a 5S day is required before Ramadan.

Please note that this email is applicable to all HRD areas ie all offices, rooms, storage area, project sites etc.  

Happy working everyone.
Hiddy Asri

Isnin, 24 Jun 2013

Need Some Motivation?

People are to be loved and things are to be used. The problem arises when things are loved and people are used. 

(Islamic Quotes)

Khamis, 20 Jun 2013

CocoaCollagen Power Plus

Produk : CocoaCollagen Power Plus (CCPP)
Harga : Aku purchased dgn RM50.00 (3 kotak)
Pengedar : Crystal Liz Resources
Kandungan : Marine Collagen, Kacip Fatimah, Lobata, Krimer Bukan Tenusu, Dextrose Monohydrate & Oligo Sccharade.

Ulasan :

In 2012, when I was about 28 years old, I was eager to look for collagen. Ketakutan pada umur  30 series ni bagai memanggil2 untuk mencuba. Produk ni aku guna masa mula2 nak berkecimpung dalam dunia kecantikan. Chewah. Sblm ni selalu baca thread or dengar hot topics tentang collagen. Disebabkan gaji ciput, jadi budget untuk membeli collagen juga agak ciput (harga collagen brand terkemuka di pasaran RM100++).

Takut pada perbelanjaan tak berbaloi, I decided to purchased the affordable collagen in the market. Ada banyak. S** Collagen, Glu****l, Ma***** C******* Asli etc. I chose CCPP sbb berperisa coklat + kopi. Walaupun sbnrnya tekak aku ni bole telan perisa coklat ajer. Huhuhu. Membeli produk murah ni mengundang gak rasa sceptical sket mcm..brg murah mampu ke nk mengubah keadaan (kulit yea bukan wajah)? berkesan ke? Mmg dasar tak sedar diri aku ni kan?

Hari pertama purchased dh terus guna! Dhlh bulan puasa, ditambah dgn aku tak puasa sbb bendera Jepun, ditambah lagi dgn hari tu aku tak menjamah apa2, ditambah lagi dengan aktiviti mengecat, membuat aku berkobar2 membancuh.

Collagen ni bila dh minum rasanya lebih kpd kopi berbanding dgn coklat. Kiranya perisa coklat tu agak sipi2 diletakkan. Rasanya sgt okay, tak pelik2 and tak perlu ditambah gula. Kalau nk bancuh, aku cadangkan krg guna mug kecil supaya rasa sedap tu tak lari. Sesuai diminum panas atau dibiar sejuk. Setakat ni, aku tak pernah cuba letak ais demi mengekalkan rasa sedap tu. Kang tawar, x lalu aku nk minum.

Settle bab rasa. Ada perubahan tak? Yes, bila minum ajer, rasa miracle sungguh2. Bayangkan aku boleh kenyang giler sampaikan habis time berbuka (kan aku tak mkn satu hari). Sukerrrr..walaupun hairan. Sbb kalau period, selalunya mmg nk mkn je. Yg membuatkan aku impressed lagi, keesokan paginya bila bangun, terasa kulit aku lembut smcm. Cepat btol rasa keberkesanannya. Musykil x? Mungkin, lain org lain tindak balasnya. After a month consuming, aku dapat rasa yang kulit aku makin licin. Tapi x nklah syok sendiri. Bila kwn2 kt UiTM tegur, barulah aku perasan (masa tu dh masuk belian kedua). 

Ada gak part tak best. Mesti kecewakan korg baca review ni? Hikhikhik. Aku kecewa sbb bila aku stop seminggu kerana out of stock, aku perasan yg jerawat kt muka naik balik. Haishh..Hari pertama ok lagi, kedua maintain lagi sampailah hari ketujuh, erkkk muka aku berjerawat balik. Aku plak jenis org yg x suka pakai sesuatu produk yg memerlukan kt terus bergantung kepadanya untuk mendapatkan keberkesanannya. Aku benci produk mcm ni. 

So, korg rasa adakah aku akan beli produk ni lagi? Jwpnnya, ya! Selagi ia tak memudaratkan, aku akan ambil! Sebabnya, produk ni jadi pembekal tenaga segera kalau lapar. Also, mak aku suka sangat produk ni. Dia kata, mlm2 bila dia lapar, dia akan bancuh minuman ni and rasa kenyang sgt2. Tang tu aku tak bole sangkal! Tapi untuk kulit, aku tak terlalu menharap lagi :)

Selasa, 18 Jun 2013

Merindui Buku

Inilah denai jejak seni ke hati, 
puncak fikir yang indah sekali, 
tanpa himpunan ilmu di kalbu buku 

kita tak sempat sampai ke mercu itu.

Di sini diri sentiasa di taman
menikmati unggas dan puspa menawan;
di sinilah vista buku saraf seni,
meranum akal mematang peribadi.

Kita wajar berpesta di kalbu buku
menghayati nikmatnya seindah syahdu
dalam tenang waktu khusyuk di pustaka
lebih cepat kita terasuh dewasa.

Buku adalah denyut nadi utama
penting bagi minda waras manusia;
dan buku juga gema fakir yang sakti,
nyaman dan mesranya sebuah simfoni.

Kita memupuk insan yang luhur budi
melalui tapisan hikmat berseni;
dan buku memang tasik aneka ilmu
yang perlu diselami sejujur kalbu.

Buku mengasuh diri sasa bersuara;
membaca menjadi jambatan bertuah
kita merindu buku dan ghairah baca
agar sentiasa canggih dan berhemah.

A Samad Said
7 Mac 2004

Jumaat, 14 Jun 2013

Bukit Tinggi - Colmar Square, Colmar Tropicale

Entry agak terperap. 

Beberapa bulan sebelum cuti Hari Wesak yg lepas, aku dh planning and hubby dh booking apartment Maybank nak pergi Cameron. Bukan rezeki kami agaknya, x dpt booking tuh. Cuti aku terbazir dari Jumaat ke Ahad tak tau nak buat apa. Tambahan plak, jiran sebelah rumah buat kenduri kahwin hari Sabtu. Lagi la membantutkan planning nk pgi mn2. Grrrrr....

Setibalah hari Isnin.. Oh, dh siap apply leave tu kononnya pgi Cameron. Tak tahan. Mlm Ahad tu aku ada ckp husband aku konon nak kerjalah hari Isnin tuh, sayang cuti. Konon. Mana tahan. Nak2 bila dpt time berdua2an dgn husband. Mmg x keje la aku jawabnya.

Dalam pukul 9am kakak aku ringging ajak jalan Bukit Tinggi. Bukit Tinggi? WTH? Nasib aku x pgi keje weh. Anyway, aku mcm tak pernah dgr nama tmpt Bukit Tinggi. Malu btol mengaku penduduk Malaysia. Cepat2 aku Google tgk info. Husband aku pernah dgr tmpt tu cuma x berkesempatan nak pgi jea. Jadi kamipn bersiap2 & pgi rumah mak.

Dalam pukul 12.00 kami gerak. Knp gerak kul 12? Masa surfing Google, aku terbaca review tentang mkn mahal2, jadi kamipn masak2 bwk bekal disamping menunggu time kakak aku bersiap. Dia mmg ada masalah dlm bab2 bersiap ni. Opppsss bkn dia..abg ipar aku. Huhuhuu..

Kami ikut laluan MRR2. Tol dlm RM1.50 kot. Lupa dh. Hari Isnin katakan. Nasib x jam walaupun keluar time org pejabat nk kuar mkn. Rupa2nya, Bukit Tinggi ni nak dekat2 Genting. Perggghhh... aku budget mesti sejuk punyer.. Adalah gak sesat. Kami termasuk kt Kg. Bukit Tinggi and manage ke track yg betol.

Ternyata tak rasa dinginpn semasa perjalanan di bukit tu. Tgk jam, sampai sana kul 2.00pm. Kene beli tiket yea di pintu gerbang nak masuk tu. RM12 untuk dewasa dan RM8 untuk kanak2. Aku siap tanya agi. Ada % x untuk kad isiswa. Ternyata tidak yea..

Taman pertama yang kami tuju, Colmar Tropicale. Mmg teruja tgk bangunan ala2 dekat Perancis and Paris. Tapi, Bancik dah warning cari port nk mkn sbb lepas tu x de tmpt utk berkelah. Hanya kene berjalan kaki yea. Jadi, kami makan kt parking dlm bangunan. Hahaha.. Sblm tu kami parking kt luar port mmg cantik nk berkelah. Tapi, nk kene jalan ke Colmar tu jauh sikit. Kesian kt mak. Yg bancik awal2 x warning. Erkkk..

Besarkan view parking luar? Malu gak nk mkn kt parking dlm tuh. Yelah, bwk bekal. Tak mampu den nk support 5-6 org pd harga makanan yang aku tak tau RM brape. Dlm malu2 tu, tetiba aku ada nmpk satu family yg baru blk berjln2 kt Colmar tu. Gulp. Malu. Hmmmm...rupa2nya, depa bkn nk balik. Tapi nk mkn bekalan yg mereka bwk (mcm Bancik ckp, x de tmpt berkelah). Itu pakai keta besar tu. Kita budget depa byk duit tapi still mkn bekal. Low profile.

Dh mkn2. Misi berjalanpn bermula. Ayuh!! Agak jakun gak sebab terasa mcm kt oversea weh. Bagi yg bwk anak2 kecil, pakaikanlah depa topi, bawa payung, stroller or botol air. Dgr kata air tin RM7! Jadi, aku bwk air kosong & kerepek utk kudap2. Sweater2 yg aku angkut dr rumah, mmg x guna. Panas tuh. Bkn panas terik. Panas yg ada angin gitu.

Hahaha..mcm mini Disneylandkan? Gmbr atas ni masa nk balik. Masa baru smpi, jambatan ni la yg korg akan lalu dulu :) Then, disambut dgn kuda2 gagah perkasa. Pengantin tu lama gler shooting kt ctu. Pasangan OKU. Sweetnya amik gmbr kt ctu. Can you see the weather and people? x de maknanya nak pakai sweater.

Sampai kt dlm mmg aman. x ramai org. Cantik sungguh bangunan2 ni. Colourful. Tapi sepanjang kt ctu cuma ada gift shop, cafe, hotel, massage spree, games untuk kanak2, jualan tiket nk pgi mn tah..Agak boring untuk yg pgi balik hari. Yg bole dihayati adalah, rekaan bangunan, scenery for top view sahaja & photography purpose. Aktiviti yg nk enjoy better stay kt citu. Sbb semua bende lain mostly ada kt KL.

So, kami naik tingkat atas untuk lihat pemandangan tmpt ni dr atas and melihat alam yg cantik ni. Pemandangan ni dari tingkat 5. Masyaallah..Subhanallah.

Lepas lepak lama2 kt atas ni, baru kami turun bawah balik. Menjelajah garden di kiri kanan jambatan tadi. Mmg saje nk pgi tempat tu masa nak blk. Ada satu tangga turun ke bawah. Boleh lihat swan hitam & putih and ikan koi yg besar2. Klu berani, peganglah swan tuh!

Gambar kt bawah ni menunjukkan jauhnya nak menapak dari jambatan tu ke parking kami. Kebetulan mendung dan hujan rebas. Berlari2lah... Aaaa... x puas nak amik gambar.


Rabu, 12 Jun 2013

Bagaimana Mengenal Pasti Telur Ayam Segar

Selama menjadi suri rumah ni, aku tak taupn yg kita bole kenal pasti telur ayam tu segar atau tak. Hanya tau mcm mana nak bezakan telur rebus and telur mentah sahaja. Semoga jadi panduan untuk kita menjadi pengguna bijak!!

Sangat Segar (1)
Telur yang sangat segar akan tenggelam ke dasar air dan terbaring di bahagian tepi.

Seminggu (2)
Telur yang berusia seminggu akan tenggelam ke dasar tetapi bahagian yang sedikit membulat akan terjungkit ke atas sedikit.

3 Minggu (3)
Telur yang berusia 3 minggu akan akan terjungkit ke atas pada bahagian hujung telur yang membulat.

Telur Busuk (4)
Telur yang lama akan terapung dan permukaannya sedikit timbul di permukaan air. Telur yang timbul ini tidak boleh digunakan kerana ia tidak boleh dimakan.
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