Khamis, 28 Februari 2013

Memorandum: Requirement To Wear Necktie

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Human Resource Department

[to]         :          All Employees

[from]       :          Human Resource Department

[date]       :          22 February 2013

[subject]    :          REQUIREMENT TO WEAR NECKTIE                                                  

In order to project a smart and professional image, the Board of Director has directed all non-uniform male employees of Grade 3 and above are to wear necktie at work with effect from 1 March 2013.

The expectations to above rule are as follows:

  • The employee may opt not to wear necktie by wearing the company uniform; and
  • Those who work at sites are exempted from wearing necktie. However they are still required to project a professional and business image.

Your cooperation and understanding will be appreciated.


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