Ahad, 25 November 2012

Leather Care Instructions - Do's

Well, I am a successful budget businesswoman as you can see. Hahahha..most of the items I  have are made in leather. So, banyak customer aku selalu tanya tentang tips2 penjagaan kasut kulit. I am willing to share it with you. Some of the tips might be applicable to other items too such as bag ke purse or vice versa. This time, I will share only do's for leather care instruction. Special tips by Adidas.


  • Large chunks of soil are best removed using warm water and a brush or cloth.
  • To dry your boots, fill them with newspaper, which is highly absorbent. Place the boots in a dry place.
  • The best way to care for the boots is to use adidas boot cream. This boot cream was specially developed for the care of adidas football boots.
  • The boots do not require waterproofing.
  • When storing the boots, use a boot tree. This way the boots will maintain their original shape.
  • A characteristic of football boots made from genuine leather: In the course of use, a small gap may develop between the outsole and the shank. This is normal and will not affect your play.
Leather is an organic material, top surface abrasion can happen and small cracks can occur after several hours of usage. This is normal and will not effect the performance of the leather.

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