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During my time, the management decided to change the code of this subject from HTT120 to HTT130. However, the contents are very similar. I would like to share and allow further discussion on below questionnaires.


What are the external forces that affect to hospitality industry?

  1. Economic Gains & Costs

·         Visitor spending provides income and profit for many businesses. (hotels, restaurants, grocery stores)

·         Generates government revenue from direct taxation of tourism business and tourists.

·         Opportunity costs is the benefit that will be sacrificed by using a resources one way rather than another

·         The globalization of business. The emergence of multinational corporation has also affected the tourism income in destination areas. Much of the profit from the tourism business returns to the home countries

  1. Sosiocultural Impact

·         Changing Family Lifestyle - Local residents might benefited with increase in family income. It will then lead to changing lifestyle, demand for better housing, change in dress, eating habits and etc

·         Cultural Awareness and Preservation - Increase understanding among people of different nations. Our stereotypic view of people in other countries can change with a single visit.

  1. Environmental Effects

·         When appropriately planned and managed, tourism can contribute to the preservation and protection of the environment. Too much tourism or poorly planned tourism however can result in pollution and damage to the natural environment.

  1. Political forces

·         Political forces and events result from the action or rulings of organized governments and the actions sometimes violent.

·         Political changes continue to shape the development of the hospitality industry, sometimes in dramatic ways.

·         Political effects on the hospitality industry can be short term or long term, local or global.

Eg. Recent political events, war, turmoil ad terrorism

Government policy and regulations changes are also internationally devised to change the hospitality industry.

·         The management of the hospitality business require knowledge and sensitivity to the political and governmental forces which may shape the business.



Identify and describe the 4 hospitality sectors related to recreation.

  1. Attraction
Includes historical places, monuments, zoos, aquaria, museum and art galleries. Example Tugu Negara, Balai Seni Lukis Negara and Aquaria KLCC.

  1. Park
·         Parks are preserving the environments. Example National Park

·         Theme park is profitable recreation.

Theme Parks focus on a dominant theme such as historical, cultural or geographical. Example, Genting Highland Theme Park.

  1. Gaming
·         Includes card rooms, charitable games, lottery operated games and wagering on greyhound and horse races

·          is a communication system in which messages on information move upward and downward the chain of command.

  1. Club
·         Private clubs are places where members gather for social, recreation, professional and fraternal reasons.

·         Affluent clientele

·         Clubs are designed around a housing development where the neighborhood can utilize the services of the club (golf, tennis, pool).

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