Rabu, 5 Januari 2011

Fever is Over

Hola!! Hmmm...Fever is over but...still have running nose & cough..Smmlm pegi interviewpn, tersangkut2 cakap..Long times since I worked with National Art Gallery, I had to go through interview!! Nervous betul. Macam nak terkeluar jantung. Well, I managed to calm myself with my hubby's support..He texted me this; "Yg, jgn nervous, rilek, bawak bertenang." It seemed that dia plak yang nervous. Hahahahha..

Well, guys!! I need your opinion..Help me to decide which job will suit me..I have few companies here..

Emm..but not as Flight Attendant!! I'm wearing hijab, okay.. Nak kene marah dengan my hubby.. There are a few posts such as:-

  • Head Cashier
  • Cashier
  • Guest Service Assistant

Yesterday I attended interview at this company but it's a renewable contract. And..the contract is between me & my agent. I want something permanent. More secured. Next is..

I want to work at this giant terminal.. A new bus terminal that operates starting 1 Jan 2011. I definately would love to work here because:-

  • Near to mom's house
  • I love something different
  • Don't you feel proud to work in a brand new terminal?

Does anybody know how to work there. I searched for the company protfolio but found nothing.. HELP ME PLEASE!! Do inform me if any vacant position..Well, that's it..I'm messed..Hopefully there are many calls for interviews..Allah, help me pls..

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