Rabu, 20 Julai 2011

Been blaming because of senior's instructions?

Have you ever or experienced been blaming by your boss because of your senior's instructions. Emm..yeahh..I have been in that situation this morning. Hate to admit that I have to be responsible for the things that I really didn't sure & ask my buddy's opinion. What? Buddy? Yeah, I have buddy but it's not like buddy. It was like, take care your a**! Mind your own jobs. So, is that what you call buddy? What is the main term of buddying?

My big mistake was, I did know the work flow but I was not sure 100%.  And, the best part is, to listen to stupid buddy's instruction even know I was wondering about the instruction. Yeah, that was my stupidity. Right now, I feel like not wanting to work, lack focuses & feel like go home & ssssllllllllleeeeeeeppppp.

P/S: I don't have any mood. Cheer me up. Thanks.

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Mya berkata...

ouh n sometimes seniors can oso be d people we cant rely on sobsobbb

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